Valentine’s Weekend…

My Valentine’s Day was drawn out over three days and was very kid-centric. And that’s okay by me. I’m really not a big romantic Valentine’s kind of person. I dunno, I think you should show your loved one that you love them every day, not just once a year with a gigantic stuffed animal. But I digress.

Thursday we had a Valentine’s Party at preschool. We had Burger King kid’s meals, cupcakes, and a valentine card exchange. Could it get any better? Ha! I got the prettiest flowers from one of my little boys. They are such a pretty color and so springy.

Friday D3 had his Valentine’s Party at school. I didn’t take the first picture. What kind of mommy and blogger am I? They had an ice cream party and those kids were some kind of excited. They all consumed vast amounts of ice cream, toppings and candy. D3 received a Valentine gram from one of his little (girl) friends. He was so excited to have that little toy delivered to him in class and he has lugged it around most of the weekend.

He also informed me that he has 3 Valentines, but only one of them is his girlfriend. Hmmm…..

On Saturday, we arrived at the actual Valentine’s Day. Dan decided to take me to the mall that has New York and Company (since I had a gift card) and he would stroll around with the boys and let me shop. Well, let me tell you, after seeing a couple of mom’s with toddlers trying to shop for clothes with their babies fussing at them and trying to get out of their strollers, I decided that I might have received the best Valentine’s Day gift.

We also went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday while we were at the mall. When did they get fancier? I obviously had not been there in a while. The food was awesome too, which I didn’t remember.

It was like going to a nice restaurant, but you could still have your loud kids with you. Who knew?

Saturday night we had family movie night. The kids layed on the couch at ate their heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (how creative am I? 😉 ) Dan and I got them Space Buddies for V-day, so we all watched that.

B is covered in PB&J and D3 is blurry, but those are my cuties.

Alright, I need to wrap this up, because this could be my longest, most boring post yet.

Have a great week!

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