Visiting Santa…

We took the boys to see Santa the other night. Daniel, of course, ran right up and jumped in Santa’s lap.

Where is Luke you ask?

Oh, clinging to Daddy and watching brother from a distance.

Let’s give this a try.

Yea, that’s not happening. How about Daddy sitting with?

Hmmm…. What is that you’re holding there?

Candy? I can do candy.

I’m still not sure about this guy though. I’d rather hold onto my Daddy for dear life.

Meanwhile, Daniel is as thrilled as he can be up there talking to Santa. And asking him for 3 things and I don’t think any were on the list that he originally wrote!

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  1. Nate wants to know where Daniel and Luke saw Santa. He really liked looking at the pictures! Please, too, tell us what he asked for! Nate typed most of this comment himself! It took a little while!

  2. Hi Nate! Daniel and Luke saw Santa at the mall. Daniel asked for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (GI Joe figures) and Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. Merry Christmas!!

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