It didn’t take long being back in school to fall in love with the weekend.  It’s so wonderful to set your own agenda and to have the whole family together.

We spent today shopping most of the day away.  The poor boys did pretty good putting up with all of our shopping.  We bought our first piece of furniture together today!  I really can’t believe we have been married almost nine years and have never bought furniture together.  That’s totally sad!  ha!  Bookcases and D3’s bed don’t count!  We bought a beautiful dining table and chairs.  They are going to deliver it next Saturday and I’m so excited.  I wish we would have taken a picture of it in the store, but we didn’t think of it.

Oh, and my deal of the day was a pair of Skecher’s Koolers for $4.99.  They came with several Cali Bits which is Skecher’s version of jibbitz.  D3 moved his Star Wars jibbitz from his Crocs over right away.  🙂

Dan bought the boys a treat since we kept them shopping so long.   

Yummy Drumsticks.

I love the way B ate his upside down.  🙂

I won’t even begin to recount our day on Friday.  I don’t want to get into talking about plumbers and kids digging in their pullups and requiring 2 baths, or the car battery dying during a thunderstorm.  Ugh.  I’ll just focus on my happy Saturday, and I’m sure there will be a happy Sunday to follow!

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