We’re going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship…

Okay, maybe not- and if you don’t have a preschooler, you probably don’t even get the reference. But we did go on a trip in our trusty Malibu.

***By the way- I have been trying to get these pictures to line up all morning and they are not cooperating!!***

Right after Christmas we went a little trip to visit Dan’s sister and her family and both of his brothers and their families. It turned out to be a nice trip. You never quite know when taking kids on a trip! We went to South Carolina to visit Dan’s sister. I had never been there and it was very pretty. The kids had a ball playing with their cousins.

One day while we were there, Dan and I slipped over to Savannah, Georgia for lunch. We really wanted to eat at the Lady and Son’s– Paula Deen’s restaurant. They start taking reservations at 9:30 am for lunch on the same day. So, we rolled in about 9:00.

When we pulled into Savannah, there were a lot of police officers blocking certain roads and we couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. There was still a line wrapped all the way around the building at Lady and Son’s, so Dan dropped me off and I got in line.










We soon learned that there were three underground explosions that blew off manhole covers and started small fires in the downtown area. This picture below is of City Hall with a TV truck and camera on the far right of the picture.

Most of downtown had lost electricity and there were emergency vehicles everywhere. All of the Lady and Son’s employees were standing out in the middle of the road, which was not a good sign. They went ahead and gave everyone a reservation, but couldn’t promise they would even be open.

What are the odds? The one day that we were able to go to Savannah, there was an explosion and the city was shut down? Crazy.

We met up with some friends and after walking around a bit- nothing was open- we decided to head out to Tybee Island. We walked around the beach a bit and looked around the island.

Then we decided if we couldn’t have Paula (we called and the restaurant was still closed), we would have her brother Bubba. So, we ate lunch at Uncle Bubba’s. The food was great!











We headed back to Savannah to pick up our car and most things had opened. Go figure. We took a tour of the city and then we went back to Dan’s sisters to relieve her of kid duty.

Here’s a picture of the area where Forrest Gump was sitting on the bench talking about life being like a box of chocolates.

Our kids apparently had a ball that day. D3 said it was one of his best days ever- he got to go to a park AND a candy store. Apparently in 6 years time he has never seen a candy store, because he was amazed. J Thanks for watching the kiddos for so long Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike!!

They had the cutest little park in the neighborhood and the kids had a lot of fun there. B loved the tree house door and D3 climbed up to the top on the inside like a little monkey.

Can you tell that’s the roof where his back and head are? Silly boy. J

After South Carolina, we head to Gainesville, Florida to visit Dan’s brothers. What should have been a 4 hour drive turned into 6 hours thanks to Bowl game traffic. It was awful! The kids were patient, but the momma was not.

We had a lot of fun celebrating the New Year there with family and meeting our newest nephew. D3 was in heaven with all of his uncle’s video games and movies. He is Star Wars obsessed, so he watched a lot of Star Wars movies and played a lot of video games.

One day we headed over to the University of Florida’s campus and walked around and took the kids to The Swamp. Dan’s a ’99 graduate, so he loves to go back and visit occasionally.

Excuse my wind-blown hair. It was so cold and windy that day. Go figure.









 Go Gators!!

Oh, and 5 points is awarded to the person who knows what this contraption is:

D3 was so excited that we got to take this home.