WFMW: Buying Diapers…

Like anyone with a little one, we go through a lot of diapers around this house! They are so expensive, but so necessary. I’m also cheap frugal, so wanted to find the least expensive way to buy diapers. For most of my little one’s life that would have been at Sam’s Club. You can buy a big old box of Pampers (or Huggies) for about $35 and they would last about a month.

Then I discovered that Amazon sells diapers and they qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping. Around the time the little one was about to turn two, I switched from my beloved Pampers Cruisers to Luvs. They work really well for him, are still pretty soft, and they smell good (well, when we first put them on anyway 😉 ).

 So, at the beginning of each month I order a box of diapers (Luvs size 5- 150 in the box- $33.99) and they are delivered to my door. Can’t beat the convenience and price.

Diapers delivered to my front door for a fairly good price works for me!

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  1. You should be arrested for withholding such valuable information from your sister in-law! 🙂 David is digging the Cars Pull Ups right now. I’m hoping we’re not in them too much longer and can move on to big boy pants! Diapers are sooo expensive! Then again, so is toilet paper! Now I understand why we were rationed to “two squares” growing up!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this…I’ll be passing it along to Laura (the baby is due in less than 3 weeks!).

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