What do I know about Halloween?

My little guy is going through a stage where he is scared of shadows and all things “Cookie Monster.”

I really don’t think it’s the furry blue guy that he’s scared of, that is just what he has labeled all thing that are scary to him.

Anyway, I decided that he wouldn’t be too thrilled dressing up for Halloween, so I bought him some cute little overalls and borrowed D3’s train conductor hat and had a costume.

Yesterday morning I decided to try it on him. He looked so cute!

But he had an absolute fit! He couldn’t get the clothes off fast enough! He wanted to wear his brother’s old spider costume.

A completely bulky, Halloweeny costume.

What do I know huh? I thought my kiddo would have a fit with a costume, but instead he had a fit with normal clothes.

So, here’s our little spider train engineer.

Oh, and the Halloween saga doesn’t end there. I’ll have to post a picture of what the boys actually decided to dress up as afterall.

And it has nothing to do with trains… or spiders…

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  1. How adorable! I was cracking up at the picture of just the hat and overalls – no boy inside! We are having costume issues, too. With little mascot offspring running around, Halloween is everyday at our house! Mag was supposed to be Ariel, but her mermaid costume is already in sad shape! So, she now wants to be a “fairy witch.” Nate chose a red power ranger costume – not sure he really knows what a power ranger is! He really wanted to be Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas, but that costume is mostly made for adults and when I do see one for kids it is over $50 used on ebay! David is 110% satisfied with his Buzz Lightyear costume! Wish I could’ve convinced the others to join him as Woody and Jessie, but that would make us look like an organized family! Can’t wait to see what happens with yours! And the spider is just so stinkin’ cute! Make Dan dress up as a waterspout and he can carry B around! 🙂

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