What’s up…

My mom pointed out to me last night that I haven’t blogged in a week. We have been so busy!

Last week was filled with looking at houses with a realtor, scrubbing our house (the parsonage) to make it look decent for the new pastor for our church to come visit and Dan finishing up the last of his coursework. This past weekend the new pastor met with the church here and looked around the parsonage (which has gotten heavy use the past 3 years with 2 little boys running around!) and we went and met with our new church this weekend as well. Everything went very well and we are super excited about Dan’s new appointment.

While this was going on, my kids were with my parents at the lake. Little one was “ride-riding” (riding on the golf cart) with Nana and D3 got to go to Talladega with Papa. He had a ball! That is all he has talked about since Saturday. He now has a Dale Jr. poster proudly displayed in his room. J They had passes to go down and see the cars, so D3 was able to get his picture made with a few cars.

I think we might have a NASCAR fan at the house now. Yikes. J

I went to the lake Sunday to pick up the kids and back home to look at yet another house. This one we really liked and it looks like it’s the one. Hopefully things will go smoothly in the house buying department. It can be such a bear!

In other exciting news, look what came in the mail this week:

Our cruise documents! Woot! We’re so excited and I pray that we are able to relax on this vacation in the middle of chaos. I’m hoping that things will have calmed down greatly in the next few weeks and we can enjoy ourselves!

Off to do some housework and some school work! Hope everyone is having a nice week.

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