A Soaring Seven-Year-Old

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Michael, one of my bestest, good buddies from high school. He was vacationing on the lake with his family, so I took Daniel and went to have some fun. It was great to see them all again. We took the boat out for a spin, and for entertainment, pulled the kidsĀ  behind the boat on inner tubes.

I wasn’t sure if Daniel would do the inner tubes. I certainly didn’t pressure him to do it. After all, he only learned how to swim a few weeks ago! He decided that he would try it if I would go with him and hold on to his tube. And that’s what we did. He loved it!

The next time it was our turn, he did not want me touching his tube. Mike cranked up the speed a little, and Daniel loved it even more. After that, Daniel was fighting for turns whenever he could get one. We created a little monster!

I told my wife, Cindy, all about it, but I don’t think that she believed me until I showed her photographic proof. Well, here’s the proof… he is truly a soaring seven year old:

I also have to give credit to Mike for a classic push-someone-in-the-lake maneuver. It started out with me pushing him in. We were parked, and Mike decided to push his daughter in (I forget which one). He was bent over. His rear-end was right there. I couldn’t resist. A simple, yet firm push was all it took. From that moment on, I expected retaliation. Now, there’s something important to remember when you are doing any activity that involves being pulled behind a boat: Don’t pick on the driver. I noticed some rougher water on my next turn.

But, Mike is a man of class, so I knew that his true response would have to be in like kind. For his revenge to be complete, he had to push me in, too. So, I kept my guard up, and thought I could find relative safety if I was wearing my hat and glasses. So, with hat and glasses on, I went to the back of the boat to straighten out a rope. In one fluid motion, Mike grabbed my hat and glasses with one hand and pushed me in with the other. I hardly felt my glasses come off. Perfect execution. I say, “Well done, worthy adversary.” It was a move fit for a highlight reel.

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