Aa is for Apple…

*I’m posting some of my Preschool activities here and I will move them all under the Preschool tab when we work that out, but for now they are here too. :)*


Apple prints

Cut an apple in half and paint with either red or green paint and make prints on paper.

Paper plate apples

Cut top and bottom of paper plate to make it look a bit more like an apple shape. Have kids attach pieces of red (or green or yellow) tissue paper squares by painting them on with watered down glue. Or by gluing on pieces of construction paper. Add a paper stem and leaf.

Apple Cut outs

Trace an apple shape onto a piece of red construction paper. Have the children cut out the apple and glue it onto another sheet of paper along with paper stem and leaf.

Apple Tasting Graph

Have kids taste a bite of red, green and yellow apples and then graph either J or L.

Class Graphs

Have the kids each bring in an apple. Have a construction paper apple ready for them to color the same color as the apple they brought in. Use this to graph: What color apple did you bring to school?

Which way do you like to eat apples best? {whole apple, sliced, apple sauce, apple pie…}

Apple Handprints

Paint the palm of the child’s hand and place it on the paper. Using brown & green paint, make a stem and leaf.


I’m the apple

of my teacher’s eye.

printed on the paper. {Idea from KinderKorner}

Apple Smiles

Instructions here.

Pattern apple wreath

Die cute red and green apples glued around a paper plate.

Name Recognition Chart Activity

I got this idea from here, where I get A LOT of my ideas!

I have each line on a sentence strip and I fill in the blanks with name cards with the student’s names. A picture of the child could be part of their name card to make it a little bit easier for the children to “read.”

Making an A with…

Apple Jacks. For each letter I write the upper case and lower case letter largely on a piece of paper and have the kids put something on top of the letter. For instance, on our letter A’s, we glue Apple Jacks.

A Snacks

Sliced apples and dip, Apple Jacks, applesauce, apple pie, apple smiles (above)

Apple Books

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, What Am I? Looking at Shapes through Apples and Grapes, The Apple Pie Tree

*I get my ideas from lots of different places. I have tried my best to site those sources here.

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