Asking and receiving…

I think I might have gotten that warmer weather that I was asking for.  The kids have been able to play outside almost every day for the past week (expect for yesterday during some awful storms!).  That is a much needed answer to prayer!

I’ve been dealing with two active boys indoors for months on end.  They needed to run… and squeal…. and slide…. and pretend to shoot things. 

I’m going to have to look back at these posts in July when it’s 110 degrees outside and remember to not complain!!

Another answer to prayer was that after Luke woke up from his mega 2.5 hour nap on Sunday he was back to his cheery little self.

We peeked in his mouth and saw a new tooth had popped through.  I didn’t even begin to think of 2 year molars, but that was his issue.  Yay- no strep throat!

My prayer request of this weekend is that I would pass the last of my tests to get my teacher certification!  It’s been a little while since college… like 11 years. 

Wow… I really shouldn’t have done that math.  I get so nervous now!  I don’t think I ever got nervous before a test in college.  Blah!

I’m also praying for continued nice weather next week for our Spring Break!  It comes that time in the school year where you need a break…. and it’s here!


  I’m lookin forward to some time at the lake!

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  1. 78 degrees?! Can’t wait for that to get here! My pasty white skin is begging for some color! I’m “borrowing” your Disney countdown. We are going to go for my birthday (30th, yikes!), but we will not tell the kids until we pull through the gates! I booked our dining reservations tonight. Glad I did, because most of the good times were already full! We are staying at the Grand Floridian and I looked into the “My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party.” Ya, $250 for me and Maggie to eat teeny tiny sandwiches and listen to Princess Aurora…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I’d much rather spend that money elsewhere! So, we are doing dinner at Tony’s (Magic Kingdom) one night and 1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian) another night – we will get to see Cinderella and gang there. What are your plans? Any suggestions? This is the first time we are going there and not camping. It’s been over a year since we’ve been and the kids are noticing BIG TIME! I guess that’s what we get since we used to go at least once a month! Now it’s a little more of a road trip!

  2. Yea, that 78 degrees didn’t last long! It was 50 today.
    It always surprises me how fast the Disney restaurants fill up. We got the dining plan again and are doing Chef Mickeys, the rest. in France, and Crystal Palace. We get one more dinner, but we haven’t made up our minds yet. We went to 1900 Park Fare one year (when Daniel was in love with the princesses- he found them quite beautiful. 🙂 I’m not sure he would admit to it now!). Sounds like a great birthday trip! The kids will be thrilled.

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