Baby Teeth…

Daniel lost another tooth this week and really wishes it were Christmas.

So he could ask for his two front teeth. J

He is so excited and showing everyone.

Luke is now totally obsessed with loosing teeth. He is really trying to wrap his little brain around the fact that your teeth fall out!

He is almost horrified about it and asks to see Daniel’s teeth many times a day. And mine. And Dan’s. And stranger’s.

He likes to show off his baby teeth. Even though he’s not a baby.

And how could Daniel have baby teeth too when he is really not a baby?

And where exactly are Mommy’s baby teeth?

And why are Daniel’s coming out when no one else’s teeth are coming out around here?

Bless his heart, we are blowing his mind with all of this baby teeth stuff!

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  1. How adorable! Maybe “grampa” can show him how he makes teeth! Maybe Luke will grow up to be a dentist!

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