Beautiful beaches…

I moved there as a 3rd grader.

I spent many weekends and summers lying out there.

I sometimes did my homework there as a high-schooler.

I visited my grandparents there as they visited for a month each year.

I went to dinner many times at some of my favorite restaurants there.

 I got engaged there 10 years ago.

We had our rehearsal dinner there.

We walked there every night for while as a newly married couple.

We started our family while living there.

After moving away for a year, we moved our family back there.

After moving away again, our family visited there last year.

And now it is being forever changed by an oil hungry accident.

The whole thing really just breaks my heart and these are only a few memories for me and the beaches that I grew up around.

I pray for the whole gulf coast region and all of the families that have been affected by this awful spill.

Dan’s oil spill post

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  1. That is a fantastic post, Cindy. It is so frustrating knowing that there is nothing that can be done to stop the upcoming damage. I am very sad about what is happening to our beaches. They are truly a part of who we are.

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