Blog slump, Broken camera, and Brad Paisley…

I’m in a total blogging slump. I’ve had nothing to say for the entire month of February. So sad I’m sure. J My camera broke last month and I swear I don’t know how to blog without a picture. It’s part of my extremely visual nature. We’ve got to get a camera pronto! We’ve missed such good pictures opportunities- like our Brad Paisley concert last Friday. It was awesome! See…

It’s really him, I promise. This is what he looks like through a camera phone. And we were only 2 rows back!!! We had 14th row seats, which we were super excited about and when we got there, we saw that the stage jutted out right beside where we were sitting. We had the best seats ever, it was great!

Miranda Lambert opened for him and she was really good too. Super spunky. Here she is:

It’s really her, I promise.

We also took a picture of ourselves… out… without children… at a concert…

It’s really us, I promise.

Yep, my next step after pressing post here is to go find a camera.

Then maybe I will have more to blog about.

Or not.

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  1. You are too cute! I would be lost without my camera as well. Especially during these adventurous times!

    Looks like you enjoyed the concert. How could you not with Brad Paisley being so close?!

    Hugs to all.

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