Boys will be boys…

Injuries are running amuck around here.

D3’s nose is getting much better. It has looked awful all week after his infamous fall.

Too bad Daniel isn’t a happy kid. J

Tuesday, Daniel and Luke were playing out in the backyard and decided to chunk rocks into the outside garbage can.

Bad idea.

I hear major screaming and run over to see Luke with blood absolutely pouring out of his head.

He had put his head over the garbage can to look at the rocks right as Daniel decided to throw a rock inside. It hit poor little Luke in the head and D3 starting freaking out when he saw major amounts of blood.

I rushed Luke inside and started cleaning him to see how bad the cut was and had D3 call Dan, because I was sure we were heading to the ER.

For the record, Luke is the toughest little guy I’ve seen. He was hollering at me the whole time that I was cleaning him up that he wanted to go back outside and play!!

Luke trying to show his ‘boo boo.’

We went to the doctor to have her check D3’s nose and Luke’s head. The nose wasn’t broken, just really bruised. And like we thought, they wouldn’t have glued (or stitched) Luke’s head, because the cut was in his hair.

She told me they were fine- just boys.

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