D3’s latest happenings…

Daniel likes to keep things going! Here are some of his latest happenings…

Lego Club
Daniel wants to start a Lego Club. He has it all planned out. He know who he wants to invite, and how to set up Lego stations in his room and he informed us that he needs to buy a pack of white t-shirts, so that they can make their own club t-shirts.

We find this so cute and creative and he is so excited that we think we’re going to try and put together a little Lego party next weekend. We’ll see how this goes…

The latest Family Fun magazine had a list of good websites for kids, so Daniel is making his way through the list. Right now he is sticking with Kideos. It’s a website with little video clips that are okay for kids. Kinda’ like Youtube for kids. He will sit over at the computer watching these little clips while laughing his head off! It’s fairly entertaining {for a little while, anyway}

Wimpy Kid
I went to pick Daniel up from school the other day and he had a book in front of his face that he would not put down. He was literally walking to the car reading , getting in the car reading, had to have a teacher shut the door for him in carpool, because he was reading… He had checked out Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the school library and couldn’t put the thing down. I haven’t read this one, some I’m crossing my fingers that it’s okay. He of course finds the parts where they say ‘fart’ extremely hilarious! I rented the movie for him from Netflix and we’re watching that in the next day or two, so I shall see what he’s into.

Harry Potter
Another book series that he is REALLY into is Harry Potter. He started reading the first one this summer. He reads some, then Dan and I read the bulk of it to him and night for his bedtime story. When he’s done with the book, then he gets to watch the movie. Well, since school’s started he has read the 2nd book and watched the movie and has now moved onto the 3rd book.

He can now be found running around the backyard pointing a stick and saying ‘Expelliarmus‘ and calling me Hermione.

Pen Pal
Lastly, some big news with Daniel is that he has a penpal. I honestly think I’m probably as excited (or more) about this as he is. My dad works with a few people in England and Daniel has always thought that was super cool. Well, one of the guys has a 7 year old son, so they thought the boys might enjoy being penpals.

D3 received his first letter last week and was super excited. He didn’t understand several words, so we had to Google them, so he would know what they meant {grotto and cricket being two}. Anyway, Daniel wrote the longest note he has ever written and we mailed it off the day after he received his letter.

I hope this continues. I think it’s fun and a good learning experience! I got an Atlas last week and we looked up England tried to find where the little boy lives.

I think those are the big things going on with Daniel at the moment. Well, besides being in 2nd grade, and being invited to a birthday party of a friend he hasn’t seen in over a year {which made him super excited}, and starting karate Tuesday, and….

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  1. Being kids of a mascot, Nate and Maggie have their Halloween costumes picked out already. Nate is going to be Harry Potter (he wants us to make the scar as real as possible) and Maggie wants to be Hermione (she has asked for a long wig). David, poor third child, really wants to be Luigi. There’s no talking the others into being Mario and Princess. Oh well!

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