Daniel at 7 and a half: The Interview…

Possibly even more shocking than my baby being three and a half is my first-born being seven and a half. SEVEN. How is that even possible? I’m not old enough to have a rising 2nd grader!

I asked him a few questions the other day and here are his answers:

What is your favorite color? Green & Blue

What do you like to eat? Tacos

What do you like to drink? Lemonade

What is your favorite place? McDonald’s

What do you like to watch on TV? G.I. Joe

What’s your favorite toy? Waterguns (huh?? I would have guessed Star Wars figures or Legos)

What is your favorite song? Freeze Dance (from P.E.)

What is your favorite book?  My encyclopedia

Who is your favorite friend? Richard and Will (from school)

What do you like to wear? Batman shirt with jean shorts

What is your favorite part of the school day? Playground time

What are you looking forward to this summer? Going to Disney World!

What is the best thing about being 7? Being in 1st grade

Daniel is super smart and loves life. He gets excited about absolutely everything and is a high energy kid (although he is calming down a lot!).

He likes to memorize facts and keep arguments going with his brother. J He is good at sharing and is willing to try new things.

He loves to joke around and has a kind heart.

He is a super silly guy and we are all rather fond him!


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