Disney Vacation: Day Two…

Our second day started off at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. Luke was pumped up about Mickey Mouse waffles with Mickey. There was lots of whooping and hollering and jumping up and down.

Eating breakfast so early with the characters put us in the Magic Kingdom right after rope drop, which made my husband a happy camper. J

We were able to walk through Cinderella’s castle, which Daniel got a kick out of. It’s closed a lot because of a show that they do in front of the castle.

We made our way through Fantasy Land, which is always a favorite for the boys. Then we headed over to the ride that Luke has talked about for months…. Haunted Mansion.

He was so excited.

Dan and I had been wondering how he would react. He tends to be scared of things, but was super excited about the Haunted Mansion.

It turned out he really liked it. He kept talking about it afterward saying “Haaa Haaa Heee Heee… No doors….” The ghost in the beginning says with a cackle that there are no windows and no doors.

We all took a mid-day nap this day because I was falling asleep during the Country Bears! We ate dinner at the hotel and went back to Magic Kingdom to walk around and maybe ride a few rides.

We stuck around for the fireworks that night which were, as usual, gorgeous. Here’ s a lovely picture of them.

We headed back to the hotel to rest for the next day… Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom!


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