Disney Vacation: Day Five… The End…

Day five we woke up and had to pack up and check out. Our week seemed to fly by, so we were sort of bummed to check out. We were spending our day at Magic Kingdom and then heading to Dan’s parent’s for the weekend.

We ended up getting into the park in the late morning and went to Fantasy Land for a couple of rides. We ate lunch at Crystal Palace, which was very nice, but super busy.

Luke didn’t eat a bite of his food including his ice cream, which worried us. You can see his untouched food in a couple of the pictures. He was sneezing and he felt warm. After we ate lunch Dan went and bought some Children’s Advil. That is really something you don’t want to do at Disney. We went to ride Peter Pan (which I love as much or more that the boys!) and then as we were walking around Luke fell asleep.

As a side note I can’t wait to put the stroller in the trash. We have had that thing since Luke was new baby and he is huge in it now! The whole thing is all bent out of shape and I don’t think it would have lasted one more day in Disney!

Dan and Daniel rode a couple of rides and Luke got up in time to go to the Haunted Mansion for a second time- which he loved more than the first. We rode the train around Magic Kingdom and ate dinner overlooking it’s a small world. On our way out we rode the carousal and watched Mickey’s Philharmagic. Then I got like 8 snacks on the way out because we didn’t eat most of our snacks from our dining plan. We left with an awful lot of Mickey rice krispie treats and lollipops!

We had such a wonderful time and our kids were total troopers. We usually take a rest day somewhere in there, but took them all at the end at Dan’s parent’s house. Daniel walked the whole time- which was a lot of walking- and he never complained. We were so proud of the kids and had the best time!  We can’t wait to do it again!

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