Disney Vacation: Day One…

These next several posts will probably only be of interest to me… and Dan… and maybe our boys. J This is the blog version of a slideshow of someone’s vacation. They find it extremely interesting, meanwhile all of the people watching are dozing off.

We had a great trip and it seemed to absolutely fly by!

Our first day we went to EPCOT. We stayed the night with Dan’s parents, so we woke up nice and early and drove the hour and a half drive to Disney World.

Dan and Daniel were very excited about riding Mission Space. Daniel was a total trooper through the whole thing, although I’m not sure he would do it again!

Luke was all set for the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, which are at Magic Kingdom not EPCOT. We kept trying to tell him that he would see them the next day. He got beyond excited when he looked through a window and saw his favorites- Mickey and Pluto. So…. We stood in the mega line to get an autograph (in the books the boys made J).

We ate lunch and then headed over to the countries. We did the dining plan, which was great. We stayed way too full though, and I’m sure I gained back my 15 pounds I lost, but it was a fun time. We knew going in that there would be no dieting at Disney World!

Daniel did the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. That was pretty cool. He became a secret agent and got a special cell phone that gave him clues as to where to go. His mission took him to Mexico where he had to find certain items and scan them into the phone and in the end he saved Mexico from being taken over. He really enjoyed that.

We ate at the restaurant in France for dinner. It was very yummy. Remmy from Ratatouille came around to everyone’s table during dinner, which was cute.

After dinner we went to find Nemo and to Spaceship Earth. I think those two were the boys’ favorite attractions of the day.

We headed to the hotel to rest up for our next day…. Magic Kingdom!

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