Disney Vacation: Days Three and Four …

We slept in on our third day and then got ready to do whatever we wanted on this day.

We went to eat lunch at Chevy’s and then headed to Downtown Disney. I think I like this place as well as a park! There’s so much going on and lots of shopping, which I enjoy.

We hit up Daniel’s version of Utopia- The Lego Store.

He LOVED this store and bought a few things. He made 3 mini-figures to buy. He made Indiana Jones, a bad guy, and Dan.

It’s the ultimate compliment from the Lego obsessed boy. He even has on an astronaut shirt, because Dan wanted to be an astronaut. Love it!

After Downtown Disney we headed to Animal Kingdom. We walked in right as they were having the parade.

Going late in the afternoon worked out great for this park. We zoomed through and did everything that we wanted to get done and more. We all loved the Safari, Nemo show, and the Lion King show. Luke especially loved the Lion King and the tumble monkeys. And we have a certain soft spot for the Tree of Life. (Dan worked there for a while, for those who didn’t know.)

Luke wanted to ride the Primeval Whirl so bad, but he wasn’t tall enough- by 6 inches. He kept telling me he had grown and was big now. So, when Dan and Daniel were done with the roller coaster, they took Luke on the Triceratop Spin. He loved that thing and rode it twice in a row.

Here they are going by, can’t you tell?

We closed this park down too and then headed back to the hotel super late. We needed to rest up for the next day… Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios is probably my personal favorite of the parks. We enjoy Magic Kingdom a lot with the kids, but I think Hollywood Studios is the favorite for me and Dan.

Daniel was super excited about all of the Star Wars stuff around for Star Wars weekends.

Daniel got chosen to be part of the High School Musical show. He went out and played air guitar and loved every minute of it.

The kids loved the Lights Motor Action car stunt show and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Luke actually rode Star Tours this time, but did not care for it. He was a trooper though and didn’t cry or anything, he just didn’t enjoy it.

We ate dinner at the 50’s Prime Time Café. The atmosphere was fun and the food was very good. The restaurant is set up like a 1950’s house and there is a TV on every table playing good old black and white shows and commercials.

The dessert was absolutely sinful and delicious. Don’t worry, I didn’t finish it… and I shared… some.

We headed back to the hotel and swam for a bit. Luke took off like a fish with his little floaty arms. He wouldn’t let us touch him, he just swam back and forth and back and forth.

We finally headed to bed to rest up for our last day…. back to Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Love the Dan Lego! He was nice about the hair! 😉

    Read every bit of your Disney adventure, gearing up for our own “miniature version!”

  2. The Dan Lego was very cool. One of my proudest moments of fatherhood! I can’t think of a bigger compliment than to be made into an action figure. He was so proud, and I admit that I was extremely touched.

    As for the hair, Mary, I don’t know what you are talking about! That Lego figure looks just like me: Glasses, belt (you can’t really see it in the picture, but he gave me a black belt because I always wear one), hair, flat stomach, and all!

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