Easter Egg Hunting 101…

By: Luke

Step One:   Refer to the preschool Easter Egg Hunt as the Bear Hunt.

Step Two:   Refuse to look at your mother for all Easter Egg Hunting pictures.


Step Three:        When the Easter Egg Hunt begins, grab your basket and run to find 

Step Four:           Pick up an egg and shake it.  If it rattles, go to step six. 
                                 If it does not rattle, go to step five.

Step Five:            Throw down the egg that doesn’t rattle and repeat step four.

Step Six:               Place the egg in your basket.

Step Seven:        Bust open your eggs and ingest entirely too much sugar rapidly…


while refusing to look at your mother.


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  1. That’s our Luke!
    I wonder how many free chik-fil-a kids meal coupons he passed up because they didn’t rattle!

  2. How cute! At least he gets the concept (somewhat). David just likes to find them, points them out, and while beaming with glee because he found an egg, someone else runs and grabs it! We will have a take two tomorrow at our neighborhood egg hunt!

    1. Cindy will have to do a post about an Easter egg hunt that Daniel went to on Saturday. very neat idea. I bet you would love it, Mary.

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