Embrace the Camera: Walking to Camp…

Last week Daniel went to Weird Science camp. He had the best time with all of their fun experiments. He got to do experiments with eggs and make butter and ice cream and they did the fun trick with the mentos in a bottle of soda. He was all excited about that one. 🙂 The camp was held at a rec. center not too far from our house, so he wanted to walk a couple of the days. We somehow managed to make it over there super quick each day and it gave D3 a little bit of time to play around at the park before class started.

I had my cell phone with me, so we took a couple of pictures as we were hanging out at the park.

Here we are trying to both cram our faces in front of my cell phone.

I’m thinking that all of my {embrace} the camera pictures in the summer will involve sweaty people. It was h-o-t. Only 9:00 in the morning, but already 90°.

It was a fun few minutes each morning and a bit of exercise to boot. Now, there’s a novel idea!

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  1. Love this picture! It is beautiful. Most of my embrace the moment pics are me with no makeup and my hair is either pulled back or a mess- but most days that is who I am. Learning to embrace it every Thursday.

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