Going on a Leaf Hunt

Read, “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” and then

have the kids glue the above poem on a lunch bag along with cut out leaves. Take the kids on a leaf hunt to fill up their bags.

Or make a cute scarecrow leaf pouch for the leaf hunt. Little Giraffes has a super cute one.

Leaf Rubbings

Place a leaf underneath a piece of white paper and lightly color with side of crayon to have the leaf show through.

Stained Glass Leaf

This is not the best picture, but these are our leaves. They turned out so pretty.

On a large sheet of paper cut out a leaf frame, you will need 2 per child. Cut 2 pieces of contact paper slightly larger than the leaf. Peel the backing off of one sheet of contact paper and place a leaf frame on it. The children will then put square pieces of tissue paper (we used yellow, orange and red). When the children are done, place the other leaf frame and contact paper and sandwich them together and then cut excess contact paper away. They look pretty on the window with the sun shining through!

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This is one of my favorite books. It’s such a fun read! After you have finished the book, the kids can sequence the story.

They could do this on their own paper or these could be used in a center.


We made these adorable little scarecrows with lunch bags. I drew the smile and did the bingo dot cheeks, but the kids glued on the rest. J When they were done decorating, I stuffed the bags and stapled the top.

Scarecrow, Scarecrow

I don’t have a pocket chart in my classroom (can you believe I can survive? J), so I stick the sentence strips on my dry erase board. We fill in the blank with the kid’s names. They love this one!

Coloring sheets
Bingo Marker Corn

Something to Crow About

Fall Bingo

Other fall units:


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