Falling Out

The safety rails are back out for Luke’s bed. About a week ago, Cindy and I were watching TV and heard a big boom that shook that house. We ran towards the kids’ rooms. Luke started quietly sobbing… he had fallen out of bed. We thought it was fluke, but he fell out of bed again this morning. So, the rail is back.

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  1. Poor Luke! What size bed does he have? I’m thinking of getting Maggie a full size bed, because she’s always hanging off the side. This is mostly due to the fact that she has about 20 stuffed animals in bed with her!

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      He has a twin bed. We took the rail off a long time ago, and he’s never fallen off the bed, but all of the sudden, twice in a week!

      Luke has a lot of stuffed animals in bed with him, and a real one (our dog sleeps with Luke).

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