Friday Funnies…

Luke picked out his clothes this morning and I rather love it {and so does he}.  Thankfully it’s a stay at home day.  🙂

Red t-shirt, blue plaid shorts, two different white socks, boots, and since it’s chilly this morning- a windbreaker. He’s a cute little thing, that Luke!

Can you identify this substance above?

A lot of people that read my blog read Dan’s also, so they probably already know! Dan’s getting all the funny stories here lately. J

Here’s the story behind the mystery above.

It’s never dull at our house!!!

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  1. is is bad that I totally identified that as macaroni before reading Dan’s blog? I think it’s sweet that he tried to be so helpful. Gotta love kids! (and thankfully nothing burned down!)

    1. Post

      I think it’s great you could identify it! 🙂 And it’s only funny, because he didn’t burn down the house! Never a dull moment.

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