Fried Macaroni – A True Wake-Me-Up

Our kids do not know how to sleep in. Every now and then they sleep in by accident, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Cindy and I are exactly the opposite. I think there are only two reasons that we get up early… the kids and the alarm clock. On school mornings, the clock is set for six, but we usually press snooze a time or two.

At 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning, our alarm clock began to squawk at us as usual. I did not want to get up, so I was thankful when Cindy hit the snooze button. As I turned back over, we heard footsteps going down the hallway. They were not the quiet padding of Luke’s little feet, but the heavier, longer strides of Daniel’s feet. He was up, and from the sound of his steps, he was dressed and wearing shoes. Then we heard the sounds of Daniel making himself breakfast.

Our alarm clock went off again, and Cindy hit snooze again. If that clock was going to get us out of bed, it was going to have to work for it. A moment later, we heard more footsteps. This time it was running. thump-thump-thump towards our room. The alarm also went off again, but it didn’t sound right. It wasn’t our alarm clock. Washing machine? Is Daniel doing laundry? No, can’t get that lucky. Smoke detector? It is the smoke detector!

Our alarm clock might not have been able to get us up, but the smoke alarm got us moving quickly. We were up and in the kitchen in a flash. The kitchen was filled with a horrible smelling smoke. I recognized the smell: burnt plastic. The microwave was standing open, pouring smoke. At the center of it all was Kraft easy mac:

On Daniel’s behalf, I must say that his intentions were pure. He often helps out in the kitchen. He likes to help make lunch and breakfast for the family. He is a very helpful and sweet child. In this case, he was trying to be helpful by making mac and cheese for his lunch. He read the front, where it said that it would be ready in 3 and 1/2 minutes, so, he popped it in the microwave. He missed the other steps that were in the directions on the back (like taking the top off, removing the cheese powder, and adding water).

The end result was a stink that still hasn’t completely gone away two days later, a cup of fried macaroni, and a sure fire way to get me and Cindy out of bed on slow-to-start mornings.

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  1. I love it! Believe it or not, I miss having little ones (with good intentions) around the house.

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      @Harriet: Yes, it’s great that we get to laugh at this. It’s like my mother always said, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” Of course, I think all mothers say this. It must be in the handbook. And for good reason!

  2. And this is why we only allow the boxed stuff in our house. Not really, but in this instance, it’s a pretty good reason to only have the boxed stuff in the house! Glad everyone is safe!

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      @Mary: I know I won’t eat easy mac for a while!

      Working the microwave by himself is, of course, against the rules. He felt so bad that we didn’t get on to him about it. We just had a ‘no cooking without supervision’ talk after everything settled down. Apparently that rule needs to be reinforced more often.

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