Giving Back to the WordPress Community

I enjoy working with WordPress. The truth is that I like tinkering with my blogs more than I like writing for them. Over the last year or so, I’ve gained enough knowledge about the inner workings of the WordPress blog platform that I might be dangerous. I have also had the flu. That left me laid up, not feeling like moving around much. I put the two together, and went over to the technical support forums and tried to help people who were having problems with designing their sites. I wasn’t sure I could help much, but I did! It was kind of cool.  I have always learned best by teaching. I learned some great stuff today.

If you have some wordpress know-how, go over to wordpress.org and click on forums and start answering questions. It’s a pretty cool to way to give back to the community. Here are a few of my success posts.

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      I wasn’t thinking of it in a pastoral way as I was doing it, I mean helping web-savvy web page owners is a little different than helping the elderly fix up their homes.

      But, it is good to show love to all people. I helped people from all over the U.S., and one person from Italy, and one from India. I can’t think of very many communities where a pastor gets to interact with that kind of diversity!

      Cyberspace is a mission field. A very different kind of mission field, but a very valid one.

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