Hay un amigo en mi….

In the latest issue of Family Fun magazine they have the cutest cupcakes and I just had to make them!

How cute are the little green aliens from Toy Story?!

The boys and I thought they would make a fun treat for the day we went to see Toy Story 3.

Here are Luke and Daniel’s aliens.

Luke made the top one and Daniel the bottom and they both did them by themselves. I thought they were super cute.

Ooooo…. The claw….

They were fun and easy and the instructions are here.

I took the extras to men’s group at our church and they bit into them with the decorations all on top and had a hard time chewing. J You might want to take the gummy things off before you start to eat.

We also colored Toy Story coloring pages.

I found those on the Family fun website. There are a ton of fun Toy Story Activities at the Family Fun website.

We all went and saw the movie and loved it! It was such a great, sweet (and bittersweet) movie. Two thumbs up from us!

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