I Busted Out the Glue Gun…

I don’t think I’ve plugged in my little glue gun in ages! But, last weekend I just had to make a fall wreath. I’m not sure what overcame me.

I’ve always loved the wreath that we had on the front door. It had wooden cut outs for different seasons, but it was just plain ole OLD. That tends to happen when you’ve been married 10 years~ your stuff starts getting old.

Sooo… I headed to one of my most favorite stores: Hobby Lobby. Love that place! Anyway, I picked out a thing of fall garland for $9.99 and 50% off. One of the reasons that I love Hobby Lobby~ all the 50% off signs!

I saved the grapevine wreath that I had before after ripping all the stuff off that was on it. Then I cut the leaves off of the garland and went to town gluing leaves on the wreath.

I think it turned out cute. Not perfect by a long shot, but cute. And it certainly was fun to bust out the glue gun again.

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  1. Pretty! I attempted this with some Christmas wreaths, but I spent way more than it would’ve been to just buy one!

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