I Live With All Boys: Exhibit E…

So, Daniel went to Police Academy this morning and came home wanting me to take his picture like this.

This particular picture could have never been taken 2-3 years ago, because he wouldn’t have had the toy gun to take the picture with.

I read a blog post this weekend that remind me so much of myself. It was about that first born son and how he will never play with toy guns and he won’t own them and he won’t play them with his friends…. and then a realization comes… Boys are born with ‘pretend gun play’ in their DNA. Whether you like it or not.

For the longest time Daniel had no toy guns and I really didn’t like him playing with them, but then when he was around kids that had toy guns he was completely obsessed. All of a sudden the obsession and novelty of it seemed worse than a day to day exposure. I still frankly don’t love all of the playing around with toy guns, but it’s a losing battle. As long as the boys know that real guns are no joke and can really hurt people (and they know this) then I think we’re just fine.

I had to sort of let up on my play gun stance when my #2 boy was born anyway… he came out of the womb making machine gun noises. And both of the boys were making vroom noises with little cars and turning sticks into guns and swords without anyone teaching them. Some things seem to be inherently gender specific. There are no sticking guns in the hands of my boys- they are making them.

This particular little toy G.I. Joe gun above gave me a grin. I walked through my Dining Room the other day and saw the little gun sitting on the chair and thought that if I had a house full of girls, I’m not sure this would be a sight that I would see. It was a big reminder that I’m a girl living with all boys… and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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Exhibit B

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Exhibit D

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  1. How funny! Yes, it’s true – I was one of “those moms!” And you’re right, although I had no guns in the house, everything somehow became a gun (fingers, straws, sticks, etc). After we allowed toy guns, the obsession went away. Ours are more into swords now (go figure in a pirate’s house – argh)! But nothing, and I mean NOTHING can hold a candle to “Super Mario Wii!”

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