I Shall Conquer Summer…

So my last post was all the snow that we received and now I’m talking about the summer. Do you think someone is ready for some warm weather? I’m so tired of cold!

Well, the snow day and frankly some weekend days have made me think about summer when both of my boys will be home. When they are together they are either giggling the entire day (which totally sounds like that would be cute, but after hour 3 of nonstop silly giggling it’s much less cute) or wrestling (they can’t be alone together for more than 2 minutes without rolling on the floor wrestling) or fussing/crying/fighting… I have to have a plan!

So, I’m going to let my teacher-self come out at home and plan my days.

Just nod your head and smile and make me feel like this will actually work and not disintegrate after week one… or day one for that matter.

I’m still working this out in my head, but I am envisioning a poster board with the cute little library pockets with a day on each pocket. Inside will be ideas for the day that we can pick out of the pocket and do. I’m thinking Movie Time Monday (go the library a check out books/movies), Terrific Tuesday (some sort of outing- park, zoo, etc.) Wacky Wednesday (water play, some sort of sensory play) I also want to work house cleaning and errands into this one, Theme Day Thursday (Pajama Day, Ice cream Day, Sixties day, etc.- we’ll do all sorts of things around the theme). I’ll also have an ‘I need to find something to do’ pocket for those times when “There’s nothing to do!”

I dunno, it sounds good now.

I’ll have to update when I make this lovely chart. And then when we put it to work. Or it may never be mentioned again… who knows! J

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  1. That sounds awesome! Share more details when you get it worked out…I am tackling this summer with a plan as well. It just doesn’t work for us to be completely schedule and plan free. Connor and Logan are just like your boys with the wrestling, fighting, giggling…gotta love boys!

  2. Post

    I’m hoping this works- we have to try it out anyway. Schedule free doesn’t work around here either- would be nice if it did- but it doesn’t. 🙂

  3. Wondering if we could do this. With three other kindergarten boys on the street, we have had alot of freedom, but we are losing two of them this summer (such is the life of living in a military town). I’m thinking of things like “Sitter Saturdays” and “Sleepy Sundays!” 🙂 I think it would be great for me, because we are starting our garden and it would force me to set aside time to tend to it. Maybe we could have a special “Weekend Warrior” card that means we’re traveling to visit cousins!

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