Jack and His Second Puppyhood…

Our little dog Jack has a great life. He lies around and naps all day.

Eats to his heart’s content. Sleeps in a nice warm bed.

Spends his days lying around in an air conditioned house.

There could be a much worse way to live life.

Jack will be turning ten this upcoming October. He’s getting on up there in dog years and has really started to lie around and nap more than usual.

That is until 2 weeks ago. I’m not sure what happened {but I have a theory}, but Jack has entered into his second puppyhood.

He is running circles around the house. He’s pouncing at us trying to get us to play.

He’s taking shoes and running off with them and throwing them around.

He has become a puppy again. And I have a theory.

Can you see that spot on his side? The patch of black hair?

A few months back he got fleas something awful. He bit at them on his side until he had a huge hot spot with absolutely no hair left.

We had to cone his little head and everything.

The hair has completely come back now and is his puppy hair.

His hair hasn’t come back curly and black and gray mixed like the rest of his body. It has come back jet black, fine and perfectly straight.

It’s the strangest thing.

It’s puppy hair.

And I think it’s turning him into a puppy again.

At least that’s my theory.

Now I need to go hide my shoes and pray that he doesn’t shred the carpet like he did his last time as a puppy.

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  1. That is so strange. And I am positive that patch is the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. Could it be? Is Jack truly a part of the Disney family?! Even if it’s not really, I would be certain to tell the groomer to shape that odd patch of hair to look like Mickey. Super cool!

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