January is also ending with a bang…

So, apparently our month of January thought it needed bookends.  We started the month with a big bang- my car being totaled.  Now we have ended the month with a big bang- Dan hitting a steel bumper while driving down the Interstate and damaging his car. 

It’s so unbelievable to me that I guess it’s believable!  Dan was driving down a busy Interstate earlier this week and the car in front of him swerved into the next lane giving him no time to react and nowhere to go.  He hit what he said looked like the bumper to a fire truck head on.  He slammed his breaks and thankfully no cars were behind him or it could have really been a nasty wreck.


The bumper jammed under the car and somehow dislodged itself and left the car drivable.  He drove home with no problems and really no visible scars to the car.    We were really blessed once again that no one was hurt.

We took the car in to have it checked out and there was quite a bit of damage underneath the vehicle that needs to be repaired.  It’s almost not worth the amount it will cost to fix it, but we just bought a new car!  Thank God for good insurance and deductibles.

I hope the crazy accidents of 2010 are over and done with in January!  I don’t think I can take much more excitement in that area.

I’m ready to close the book on January and look forward to February!


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