Jellybeans, Friends, and Baseball, oh my…

Daniel had Jellybean Field Day at school last week. It was really a nice event. They had 15 stations set up and the kids had a card around their necks with the station name on it and when they completed the station it got checked off on the card. When they were all done they got a juice and a cup full of jellybeans.

This was a completely social event for Daniel. He was bouncing around with kids from all classes and playing and hugging and forgetting that he had to do 15 activities to get jellybeans and time on the playground. J He finally got on task. The child had a blast, though.

Daniel and his buddy from class. They are also on the same baseball team.
Daniel is in mid jellybean chomp here.

I have to be a mother and brag about Daniel and baseball the other night. He was the only player on his team to get a hit at both at-bats and he scored one of their two runs. I was so excited for him (even though his team lost). Baseball is going so much better than it was in the beginning.

Dan wrote a great post about Daniel and Baseball on his blog a few weeks back.

 Dan’s post.

Field day and these last games of baseball show us that summer break is almost here! We are so ready.

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