I think journaling might run in our family.

I kept a journal most of my growing up years and kept up with all kinds of crazy things there. Now as an adult I have this public form of a journal Simply Cindy. I try to keep it updated.  I want to be able to look back years from now and be able to remember little details of my life.

Dan kept a journal some growing up as well. And now he has his platform over at Church and Tea where he is able to write down his thoughts and experiences.

Well, last Sunday as I was sitting in the worship service, I look over and see Daniel concentrating very hard. He had his baggie full of paper and crayons and was writing away. When he was done, he let me read what he wrote.

Here’s the translation if needed:
April 11,2010
At Disney World we are going to the Barnstormer. And we might go to the Lego Store and buy a pack. And we are going to eat dinner with Pooh (the Crystal Palace). By Daniel

I love that he chose on his own to journal about his excitement over our Disney trip (even though maybe he should have been listening to his Daddy ;)).

I think journaling might run in our family…. and a love for Disney World. J

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