Lessons I’ve Learned This Summer…

Family vacations are the best.

The gigantic lollipop that seems like a good idea during the high of a vacation is a bad idea in the reality of after vacation. {Don’t buy these monstrosities, Cindy!! Don’t do it!}

Fleas are evil, evil little gross creatures!

The Summer Vacation Chart is actually a doable and fun little tool to keep activities {other than video games and TV watching} happening during the summer.

S’mores are yummy {even made in the microwave}.

Vacation Bible School songs can give your preschooler a soundtrack for the entire summer.

Several trips to lake sprinkled through the summer is muy enjoyable.

Kids swimming in the pool with no fear and not clinging to their momma is awesome!

My seven year old can read Harry Potter. {He LOVED it.} {This is a completely shameless brag, but it is my blog after all, right? 🙂 }

Being “off schedule” is not necessarily a bad thing.

Summer with these two keeps things interesting!!

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  1. We are getting ready to read the first Harry Potter (together). Have you tried Sentinel for fleas? It’s a heartworm and flea/tick preventative. We use it with Buffett and have not seen the first flea. Mike is severely allergic to any kind of insect or plant bite (he can brush up against a blade of grass and break out), so we will take every precaution out there, just short of nuclear missiles, to keep the pests away! When does school start for ya’ll (I can say ya’ll, now, since I’ve been in the south for 2 years)?!

  2. Post

    We read Harry Potter together too, he just finished reading it on his own, which somewhat surprised me. Such a good book!
    Jack goes to the groomer every week for a bath and he got infested with fleas there. They were washing off his flea meds, so we moved to a pill and that seems to have taken care of it. We had to bomb the house after our vacation, because of the darn fleas. Yuck!
    Daniel meets his teacher tomorrow and starts Monday!! I’m not ready yet! And you can absolutely say y’all. I say it all the time now. 🙂

  3. Cindy don’t every stop buying them gigantic lollipops at least while on vacation, it can become a tradition when the kids grow up and by the look of your pictures of the kids they are happy, healthy and even smile in their sleep. What I remember the most being a kid on summer vacation was the daily trips for our ice cream cone, today 40 years later our grands kids are reminded to be good or there will be no cone today, yes good or bad there was always the daily cone. What’s a summer vacation without the kids, grand kids and our treats.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer….

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