Luke at 3 and a half: The Interview…

My baby is almost three and a half. Which, I guess, means he’s not a baby anymore after all. <sigh> I’m not sure when he got so big! I just gave birth, right?

I decided to ask him some questions and here are his answers:

How old are you? Free (3)

What is your favorite color? Red

What do you like to eat? Hotdogs (I would have guessed French fries!)

What do you like to drink? Sweet tea (Yup! And Lemonade)

What is your favorite place? Disney World

What do you like to watch on TV? Scooby Doo (more like an obsession!)

What’s your favorite toy? Playing Batman with Daniel

What is your favorite song? Batman (I think it’s really Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean- he lights up when it comes on and sings every word. J)

What is your favorite book?  Batman

Who is your favorite friend? Chase (from school)

What do you like to wear? Batman shirt

Sensing a theme here? The boy still loves Batman! This is a pretty accurate description of my little guy.

He is full of many tight hugs and kisses and “I really wuv you Mommy” several times a day. He is feisty and stubborn and likes things his way (soooo unlike anyone else in this family. 😉 )

He the best relaxer I know, he loves to play and can keep himself busy for hours. He loves his brother and one of his favorite things to do is go to Daniel’s baseball games and cheer on the team… and beg for popcorn.

He loves to play Yahtzee and he can bowl like a pro on the Wii. He hates to get a haircut and always wants Daddy to read his bedtime story.

He is a funny little guy and we are all rather fond him!

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