Mawmaw’s Recipes…

Last week we had pork chops for dinner and whenever I think of pork chops, for some reason I think of my Mawmaw’s Rice and Corn Casserole. So, I went digging through my recipe box and found the recipe.

It got me thinking about how much I love that I have a handful of my Mawmaw’s recipes handwritten.

When I was getting married, she went and got her little notepad and pen and started writing down a few recipes for me.

Some of her favorites, some of mine favorites that she would fix for me.

My very favorite thing for her to fix was her vegetable soup and cornbread. So yummy!

I will never forget my surprise when I read to open up 5 cans of vegetables and dump them in a pot! I’m not sure what I thought she did with her recipes, but I surely didn’t think they might actually be easy to follow! J

Now when I make these recipes (even if they are just mixing cans of vegetables or dumping a box of cornmeal in a bowl) they don’t taste nearly as good as when she made them, but I love that I am able to make some recipes that remind me of my Mawmaw. And even more than that I love that she took her time and wrote out her recipes for me so that I could attempt to cook for my new little family.

{And just so you know, ten years later I am still in the ‘attempting to cook for my family’ phase!}

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  1. How special! I hope you have them laminated or something! Handwritten recipes are always the best, especially from a loved one. I didn’t know Mawmaw, but reading your blog post made me miss her for you.

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