My 2000 List…

We are coming up on our tenth wedding anniversary and I really can’t believe it. In many ways it does feel like ten years, because of how full our lives have been over our marriage. But in many ways it doesn’t begin to seem like we have been together for a decade!

I remember when we first got married I was given a lot of advice.

One piece of advice came from the then secretary at the church where we worked. She said I should write down the things I love about Dan then, so that I could look back on them farther along in our marriage.

At the time I thought this was such odd advice, but now I really think it’s great.

Sometimes life and to-do lists and obligations take the forefront in life and it’s good to focus on what characteristics you love about your spouse. And it’s good to look back on those early times.

So, I like to think back to those simpler times when I went canoeing and to the beach with a young guy from church. And went to Barnhill’s and spent evening’s keeping score at basketball games with a certain recreation director.

So, in honor of our ten married years together, here’s my list of 10 things that I loved about Dan in 2000 {in no particular order}.

1. His big laugh that I can hear coming down the hall.

2. The way he sings out country songs to the top of his lungs no matter where he is. {even if this does embarrass me walking down the aisle of Walmart.}

3. His love of country music, pickup trucks, blackeyed peas and sweet tea. {a bit superficial, eh? I love the southerness of it all, though}

4. His relationship with God.

5. His positive attitude.

6. How much of a people person he is.

7. He’s not afraid to try anything.

8. He is a hyper wild man!

9. He pours himself into his work.

10. His old fashioned values.

Do I have to remind myself of the big picture {and this list} when I’m aggravated that clothes are strewn on the bedroom floor? Sure. {Love ya’ babe. J}

Are these still things that I love about Dan? Sure, {although he doesn’t sing loudly at Walmart too often anymore and has calmed down a lot!} he’s still that same guy.

Just ten years older.

And my list has just grown…

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  1. Strewn clothes is embedded in our DNA! I do it, but go right back and pick it up (otherwise it will remain there for eternity). Nate has also inherited strewn clothes syndrome. There’s just something about throwing clothes on the floor before they make it into the hamper! Feels goooood! 🙂

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    Daniel has totally inherited the strew clothes syndrome! I tend to stack mine, which is probably worse than strewing them. I will lay them on top of a trunk or chair or the clothes basket and let it stack up before I deal with it. Actually, that does sound worse, maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that!

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