My Day: A play by play…

I’ve had a pretty typical Tuesday today. Since I finally have a new camera (we took the last new one back because we didn’t like it- so now we have a new, new one) I thought I would take pics and document my ever so exciting day. J

Mornings are crazy! Two kids, getting everyone dressed, feeding everyone breakfast, brushing teeth and hair, packing lunches…

Dan typically takes D3 to school while L and I finish getting ready and then we head out to preschool. Before we left this morning Luke said, “Take a picture of me and Jack.” So I did.

Off we went to preschool for the morning. We sang and had circle time, danced and practiced recognizing our letters. We played on the playground and wrote our names, we made rainbow bracelets and a rainbow book. We ate lunch and snack, we went to the library and had calendar time. Sounds like a normal day of preschool!

We are having an upcoming Spring Program and we have to make t-shirts. I was assigned a daisy and am having a hard time trying to make a decent looking shirt! This is it so far.

It looks like a fried egg! Maybe I can improve upon it by next week. Ugh!

After school Luke and I headed to the store to buy some baseball things for D3. He has baseball tryouts on Saturday and needed some cleats.

We left the store and headed to Daniel’s school to pick him up. Luke fell asleep on the way to school and napped in the car while we waited on D3.

He didn’t even wake up when we got home, so I put him in his bed.

Then a small miracle happened. We got home and Daniel decided the first thing he should do is work on his homework! I think I heard a chorus of angels singing. He didn’t even complain! It was such a happy moment at our house. J

After homework Daniel played on the computer while Luke was still napping! So I sat and watched my recorded Oprah from Friday. Lady Antebellum performed and I love them! Who needs to tackle a mountain of laundry when you can sit and watch Lady Antebellum, right?

Then I started working on dinner while the boys played outside.  I think that this afternoon might have been the end of our small bit of warmer weather.  At least the boys were able to enjoy it!

I tried to take a picture of dinner, but it looked really awful. It was a good dinner though, I promise. J We had breakfast for dinner- Sausage and Grit Casserole. So yummy- unhealthy, but yummy.

Now I’m about to finish cleaning the kitchen and then I’m sitting down for LOST!

LOVE that crazy, confusing show!

Hope everyone has had a good Tuesday!

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