Our Cool {and not so cool} Christmas…

We’ve had an interesting Christmas at our home this year. Some of it was very cool and some of it was not so cool.

Here’s my run-down of Christmas 2010.

My parents came to stay with us for Christmas and brought my Pawpaw. My Pawpaw is a bit of a reluctant traveler, so this was cool.

Not so cool
Dan had been fighting a cold for almost a week and was still feeling bad on Christmas Eve.

We all went to the Candle Light and Communion Christmas Eve service together. I love this service each year.

Not so cool
Dan felt terrible through the whole service {but still did a great job leading a beautiful service!} and his fever began to rise as the night went on.

The boys got up on Christmas morning and had a ball opening all of their gifts!

Not so cool
Dan was unable to get up Christmas morning because he had an almost 104 fever and we then guessed it was the flu. {it was}

I got an ipad! I’ve never had any sort of electronic thing for my own, so this is so cool! Now I have something to tinker on while everyone else is on their laptops!

Not so cool
Daniel and Luke both started acting puny. We really hoped it wasn’t the flu. {it was}

Cool/Not so cool
We had a great Christmas lunch that I ate way too much of!!

It snowed on Christmas day. It was everyone’s first White Christmas! Luke had been talking a lot about snowball fights and snow angels and eating snow lately. He did all three things  in about 2.5 seconds of being outside.

Not so cool
My mom got the stomach flu on Christmas night.

Soooo….. our Christmas was a definite mix of a lot of cool and a lot of not so cool. 

I’m still trying to figure out which outweighed which. 🙂

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  1. I hope everyone is starting to feel better! Mike can recommend some great apps for the ipad. His favorites: Star Walk (this is really cool), Talking Tom (a cat that repeats what you say), Soosiz HD (cute little game), CakeDoodle (make a virtual cake and email it to people), and everyone’s favorite: the burp and fart piano!

    1. Mary,

      I have only been allowed to touch Cindy’s Ipad today (she doesn’t want the flu), but she showed me an app that I believe is the world’s coolest app. It’s called flipboard. I, the technology junkie who doesn’t go nuts over shiny apples (it got Snow White in trouble, after all), deem flipboard to be very cool.

  2. I’m going to count Christmas as cool. While having the flu on Christmas was miserable, I still found ways to enjoy it (Christmas, not the flu). I enjoyed hearing the boys play with their Christmas presents, and it was great to hear the sounds of my family doing Christmasy things. I dared to eat a couple of spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and had some sweet tea for Christmas dinner. If you know me, you know that is all I have to have for a Christmas dinner.

    I am very thankful for Cindy. She has taken great care of me and the boys. She is the only one in the house who hasn’t had the flu. I’m hoping it stays that way!

    I went to the doctor yesterday. He listened to my story and heard that both boys had tested with the flu that morning. The doc said he couldn’t do anything for me, but he wrote Cindy a prescription for Tamiflu.

    I think Tamiflu is a much better defense than what Cindy was doing… it may have been a flu induced vision, but I could have sworn I saw her spraying herself down with Lysol. 🙂

    1. Post

      Well, if you count it as cool then I have to! And I believe I did spray myself with Lysol at one point. Five out of 7 sick are really bad odds when you are the well one.

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