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This is a complete swipe from Dan’s blog.  We finally have a new car (new to us anyway!) and I liked his post about it.

God Is Not a Used Car Buyer

January 20, 2010 / Dan

I recently posted why I think God is not an underhanded used car salesperson (UCS). Today, I will turn the tables and reflect about how God is not like a used car buyer.

Since Cindy was rear-ended, we have been in the market for a car. On Monday, we found one and bought it. It is a 2006, with  a moderate amount of miles, but it is a gorgeous SUV:

We searched near and far for this car. We were very picky. It had to be a good looking car. It couldn’t have too many miles on it. It couldn’t have any dents or mechanical problems. It couldn’t cost too much.

I am thankful that God does not seek us like we sought our new car. If God worked like that, then God surely would have nothing to do with me. I am not the shiniest, best running car on the lot. If I ran a mile right now, I would be panting for air. I have made plenty of mistakes that have caused dents and scuffs  along the way. These things reduce the value of a car to me, but they do not reduce my value to God. God loves us no matter our condition; scratches, dents, and all. Even though I know that I am not worthy, God paid a great cost for me and for us all. I am thankful that God does not operate like a used car buyer.

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