Our weekend…

We’ve had a nice weekend of relaxing and working. 
Mostly my relaxing and Dan’s working.  Ha!

Things that our family members have done this weekend:

* played at a  friend’s house.
* read a book at the elementary school for Read Across America.

Read Across America

*Had a church yard sale.
*Read a lot about restaurants at Disney World.

* Booked a Disney vacation.
*Watched Up for the first time.  It’s about time!


* Tried to not cry during Up.
* Slept on the floor in the Living Room.

*Played a lot outside.
* Took a major nap on the couch. 


*Baked cookies.
*Taught Sunday School.

*Enjoyed a great worship service.
* Washed a sink full of dishes… several times.

Plus much more!  I’m praying for a good week and that the 2.5 hour nap that Luke took and all the cuddling that he did and the fussing he did about his mouth doesn’t mean he has strep throat!

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