Parental Oops: Tooth Fairy

Ok, I feel like such a bad parent. I’ll let this note that Daniel received from the tooth fairy explain:

I am sorry that I missed your tooth last night.
It wasn’t scheduled to come out until next week, so I was not ready to visit.
Many Apologies –

That’s right. While Daniel was painting the town with his friend that happens to be a girl, he pulled out a loose tooth. He got back late, we put him to bed, and obviously didn’t think about it again until Daniel woke up disheartened the next morning. Thankfully, Daniel completely understood the Tooth Fairy’s dilemma, and is not holding a grudge šŸ™‚

Daniel’s mouth is a real moving and shaking place right now. Lots of new teeth coming in. Unfortunately, he has a mouth like his father… his teeth are very crowded in there. We definitely see braces in his future.

So, here is a new poll:
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  1. Sometimes the tooth fairy will leave a tooth behind if it is not clean (meaning they didn’t brush well). She doesn’t leave a note for this, but will keep checking until the tooth has been brushed of all the gunk! Then, she will gladly swap some $ for the clean tooth. We are prepared for this to happen to us! šŸ™‚

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