Pumpkin Patch & Trick or Treat…

We had a big day yesterday. Luke’s class went to the Pumpkin Patch on a field trip AND it was Trick or Treat night in our town. Don’t ask why it was on a Thursday~ I just went with the flow!

Most of the Pumpkin Patch pictures were with Luke’s BFF. They are always together at school and couldn’t be separated for long on the field trip! They are too cute. Anyway, I don’t want to post his pic, since I don’t have permission.

It had been raining all night and morning, so it was a bit soggy out there, so…. School tshirt and rainboots were in order!

I lost count of how many times Luke went down this slide. He LOVED it.

Guess I should have gotten his picture with his pumpkin, huh? It is the PUMPKIN PATCH after all. <sigh> Maybe I’ll do that today. He is so proud of that pumpkin!

The boys were just a bit excited, because one of their friends was having a Halloween party. The boys got to play with some friends and eat pizza and then go out in a big group to Trick-or-Treat.

Here is Harry Potter ready to go!

And Mickey Mouse. His little picture is blurry. L I guess it was not a good day with taking Luke’s picture.

Ready to go!!

One of Daniel’s friends from his class was dressed as Hermione Granger, so he was so excited that they had matching costumes!

I thought D3 made a great Harry Potter!

The boys made out like bandits. They got their buckets loaded with some good candy!

We had a fun day, but it was a little hard getting up for school this morning!

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