Random is my middle name….

I have been listening to the new Taylor Swift CD on repeat. Love it! You can download it on amazon.com right now for $3.99! Can’t beat that.

This time change is killing me. I know I was supposed to get an extra hour of sleep in there, but no one gave that memo to my kids. Who got up at 5:00 on Sunday morning. And then 6:00 each morning after. I’m wiped by 8:00 each night!

We rented Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers from Netflix and the kids are loving it. J They are singing the theme song all the time now. Ch..ch..ch…Chip and Dale… Rescue Rangers….

 Luke fell out of his bed AGAIN this morning. L He fell out one night last week and scared us to death. Poor baby needs to stop falling and hitting his noggin on the hardwood floor.

I still have a Halloween mat on the front porch and a Halloween sign out front. Maybe I should move those…

Oh, and clean my car. Oh my goodness is it a pit right now. And the back is all muddy from our trek to the Pumpkin Patch in the rain. When was that? Like 2 weeks ago?

I should possibly stop blogging and take care of a few of these thing…. Like the mound of laundry I also have to take care of.

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