Luke had a walking field trip to the Fire station this week. He was being such a bear when I dropped him off at school that I decided that if I went with him on the field trip, he would just whine instead of enjoy himself. His class headed out about 30 minutes before mine, so when I arrived with my class his class was leaving. I snuck a picture of him walking with his buddy as they were headed back to school. It was such a hard decision to not go with him, but I really think he did better without me there. {one of those not so fun mommy choices! 🙁}

This is my FAVORITE time of year! Love all things fall, so I’m excited that October. The weather is awesome and it finally feels like fall!!! Hooray!!

I was brave this week and tried a new recipe. I love watching Aarti on Food Network. She has fun recipes that bring Indian spices into familiar American foods. Anyway, I tried her I Ain’t Chicken Chicken. The recipe called for skin-on/bone-in chicken breasts. Well, this is how I typically feel about cooking skin-on/bone-in chicken breasts:

But… the food was delicious! The whole family enjoyed it.  I made the roasted potatoes with it and some pan fried okra.  Yummy!

And last, but definitely not least….this is one of my favorite Daniel writings I have come across! J Love it!

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