Responsibility Charts…

We just started a new system around here last week. We are always tweaking our systems, trying to make them better. We’re still using the point system (you can see that here), but we have added a few elements.

I’ve been wanting to add a chore chart for the boys as well as reinstate an allowance around here, so we came up with a way to put all of those things together.

The boys are able to earn 2 points a day. They earn their points by getting stars on their responsibility charts.

Daniel’s responsibilities are: make bed, daily chore, pick up room, dinner job, homework, Go folder (bringing his school folder home- this is a big problem around here) and staying on green at school with a happy attitude at home.

He has two days off from his daily chore and obviously a couple of days off from homework and the Go folder.

Luke’s responsibilities are: make bed, daily chore, pick up room, dinner job, and a happy attitude. He is totally getting this system and is all about earning “A nuder star.”

The boys can still spend their points through the week on various things {candy bar @ convenience store: 3 points, icecream & playplace: 6 points, sleep over: 8 points, etc.}. At the end of the week they can trade in up to 7 points for money. We’re fairly cheapo with how much the points are worth, but it’s what we can do and the boys enjoy what money they can get.

We just started Luke on money jars like Daniel, so we’ll see how that goes. He can tell you what they are {church, save, toys ;)}, but I’m sure it will take a little while to really comprehend them.

And what’s the Dinner Job you may ask? Oh, only my favorite thing ever! I got the idea for dinner jobs here. I have 3 jobs on our chart: Dishes, Clean table, Clean counters/put up food. I have our faces/names on pieces of Velcro and we rotate them every day. I am soooo glad I found this idea! I really hope this lasts, because our kitchen is completely clean so much earlier in the evening now.

We had a successful first week with our new additions, so I’m hoping the momentum will continue!!

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