Simple Pleasures…

This is not the best picture, but this is my new lipstick. I used to wear this brownish color lipstick and then all of a sudden I couldn’t find it anymore. I tried all kinds and couldn’t find something that didn’t turn a funky pink color when I put it on. Clinique, Avon- couldn’t find it. Well, I looked at Target the other day, determined to find a lipstick and looked at the cheapy lipsticks. And found my color. For… $1.72!

Sometimes life can be so everyday~ cleaning, shuttling kids, cooking, breaking up fights, listening to temper tantrumsJ … sometimes it’s the little things that can bring a smile. Like a long lost tube of lipstick for less than two dollars.

It’s nice that life can send you simple pleasures…

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  1. That is a fantastic price and beautiful shade of lipstick! I haven’t touched any of my lipstick in over 6 months. Unless we’re counting chapstick. Which we are not.

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