Spring Program…

Today was Luke’s Spring Program.  I think it was more of a Wishing it Were Spring Program, but it was very cute.

The kids did a good job and Luke actually sang!

My assistant teacher told Luke earlier in the week that she would give him a treat if he sang.  So, right in the middle of the program he looked at her and said “Can I get my treat?”  It was too cute.  He knew he was doing a good thing by singing his little songs.

You can see around the middle of the video Luke spots Dan and lets his little friend know where his daddy is!

Untitled from simplycindy on Vimeo.

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  1. Adorable! What kind of camera did you end up getting (the second time around)? Your pictures are turning out great!

  2. Thanks. 🙂 At first we upgraded to a Nikon Coolpix P90, but we didn’t like it at all. So, we took it back and got a Cannon Powershot SX120IS. It’s point and shoot and was half the price of the Nikon, but I think it takes much better pictures.

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